Just five short years ago I had an idea to open my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu facility, this dream – implemented with business “Best Practices”  has helped move my facility -now multiple facilities – leaps and bounds from where it started! I’ve now been fortunate enough to accomplish making multiple facilities into 7 powerhouse businesses by simply being disciplined in knowing these 6 Keys To Business Success.

Our team lives by these rules an now I have made them available for YOU!

#1 – Online Marketing

By far the fastest way to attract new members…

In fact, according to the the Pew Research Center 79% of people online use Facebook.  And according to Sprout Social 76% of adults use Facebook daily. That means that most of your clients are there… And you should be too.

Now just like Martial Arts good marketing done well looks easy – and it is after practice and investment – but there is a lot more nuance to being successful at it.  That along with the environment changing drastically your best bet is to have someone else do it for you so that you can focus on your zone of genius… running YOUR business!

Or you can fumble your way through it.  One is just faster than the other and having an agency work for you makes sure you crush your goals a bit sooner.

#2 –Video 2: Closing Leads 

Now that you have the leads it’s time to fix your closing system.

Each juncture of a sales and marketing funnel is an opportunity to succeed or fail and closing is no different…

But we will go into the most common Sales Fails experienced by entrepreneurs and sales team today in another blog post!  But suffice it to say you may accidentally be performing one or more…and that is costing you money!

61% of sales professionals consider selling much harder today than 5 years ago and all the best marketing in the world won’t save you if you or your team doest have a scalable selling system.  And NO, just because you had a nice conversation it doesn’t mean you’re good at closing. Closing is influencing a prospective client to “sign on the line that is dotted”.

The 2 numbers that speak to the success of your closing are:

Show Rate: The percentage of appointments that show up.

Sessions Performed: The number of appointments that show up.

Close Rate: The percentage of your prospects that show up…and then pay you that day.

So, having a  high closing percentage…with very few sessions performed…is not a sign of sales skill – not yet anyway. But when you have show rate, sessions performed, and close rate in alignment your truly have a scalable selling system that works even when you’re not personally there!

Side note: Most salespeople don’t ACTUALLY like selling. Less than 85% rate the selling part of their job as their favorite.  Let us help change that for you!

#3 – Dynamic Automations

Own systems that works while you sleep?

It’s important to understand that 70% of all customers will make a decision to purchase in order to solve a problem while the remaining 30% will make a buying decision to gain something. 

You should have an activity level to get in front of 100% of the marketplace. Which means your system MUST work 25 hours a day and 7 days a week – nurturing your leads, guiding them to close, and then retaining them!

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.  And lead 

“Follow up” within five minutes will give a 9 times more conversion rate than a 24 hour follow up.

This means your system has to run a tight ship in your business in order for you to truly hit the high levels of business success – for those of you who require it for yourselves…

Our automations do everything from email & txt prospects 24/7, to notifying our team when a NEW prospect wants an appointment set, or even helps them set their own appointments…

How much more revenue and clients would you have if yours did that… A lot more.  Ask us and we will hook you up with the tools we use!

#4 – Knowing your numbers

Anything you measure improves and anything you measure consistently improves exponentially – The Pearson Principle

If you don’t know your numbers you can’t decide: how much to spend, where to spend, what to cut, etc.  Knowing your numbers takes the feelings out and puts the facts in your face so you can make more intelligent decisions.  For serious business owners…this is a MUST.

But this causes a new and important question.  With so many things going on, “What should I be measuring to make the biggest effect in my business.”  Enter KPIs…

What is a KPI?  Its stands for Key Performance Indicator and it is exactly that.

What are some KPI’s you should know to start troubleshooting your funnel?

ROI – Return On Investment

Conversions – The number or percentage of people that moved to the next step in your sales & marketing funnel.

If you don’t have a professionally built funnel then reach out and we will hook you up with a few of ours!

Of course in a professional sales funnel the questions start to get a little more complicated but here are a few we ask ourselves…daily.

Which campaign is your most profitable?

Which demographic is your most profitable?

What is the lifetime value of one new member?

How many more members to hit 7 figures this year?

(optional) If you’re already at 7 figures we have a whole new set of metrics on where to open your next location.

#5 – Build your team!

Why Even Build A Team?

This is a MUST once we help you really nail down your system our mission is to get your business running itself. This is a place where we find many martial arts business owners are absolutely failing… But its not totally their fault.  There are just not a lot of professional teams our there running their martial arts business like a business. But I’m sure you can imagine what your life would look like if you taught classes or performed the function that inspired you to open your doors int eh first place…because you wanted to.  NOT because you had to.

But first let’s ask the question…

Why Build A Team?

Because your LIFE should be more than just toiling away to get to a comfortable place.  And the best way to do that is to pick a few tasks and start giving them to a well-trained team so you can focus on what’s most important…and what makes you the happiest!

That sounds expensive?

If that sounds expensive…it doesn’t have to be. We have developed a proven system that helped me go from a grassroots budget as a single dad to a full staff and helping other business owners around the world.  I’ll show you and even help you implement it if you’re really serious.

#6 – Get The right Coach

You didn’t become a black belt at what you do on your own… 

and building a successful business is no different.  We have invested millions of dollars into building ours and other businesses in your industry and while no one has a crystal ball…we do have statistics and systems that work for our clients wherever they are.

What does our coaching do for you?

Its already proven.  We have double and tripled the businesses of several other BJJ Business owners who have gone through the program.  And since we have already proven our program the last thing needed to triple your business…is YOU.

Do you qualify?

We only take 20 Business owners at a time per class and look at very particular metrics to measure if its a good fit.  Apply and we will set up a call to see what is the easiest way to help you crush your next milestone.

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